I have been involved in collies for about thirty years mainly for obedience but have had the pleasure of some breeding as well as using my stud dogs.

My first serious obedience dog was a grandson of the famous Stillmoor Jamie of Hurstview. His name was Regency Flyer of Rossbrook (Ross) and what a grand boy he was taking me all the way to ticket. I bred one litter from him and four generations later I had my best dog ever my “once in a lifetime” dog Regency Luke of Rossbrook O.W. He also took me to ticket and has sired some brilliant dogs some of which are still working in obedience, I also have three of his sons and one grandson but due to an accident my knee would not allow me to do obedience any longer which is a great pity as its been a big part of my life. Things have changed

 greatly over the past few months - losing my wonderful Show Dog Jamie at the tender age of six he won 6 CC’s 3 RCC’s & 4 BOB

very proud of him but nothing prepares one for a loss at that age.

I have also lost the last two from my obedience line Blue & Solo

they had great lifes so one can ask for no more, at the moment I

Have Remy coming up 11 years Merlin coming up 8 years & Midas my ee-red will be 2 in August he has just sired his first litter, my life has  come to bit of a halt no dog to show - but just trying to work Midas..... So we will wait & see.....